About Us

IQMS has worked in the quality and compliance business for over 25 years in industries including engineering, medical, IT and food and in all that time our IQMS customers have all passed their audits whilst maintaining the IQMS systems. IQMS is innovative and leads the way with business management in a compliance framework. Quality and compliance is an outcome of your daily operations.
We integrate management and compliance activities to produce a “lean” system that enables you to maintain quality and compliance outcomes through day-to-day management processes.


Our service offerings include the following innovations, “Mapping manuals” “IQMS eCluster for multiple site management” “compliance designed workflows” “integration of customer relationship management (CRM)” “integration of project management (PMO)” “shared services with customers and contractors” “IQMS managed servers for Software as a Service (SasS)”  “remote auditing enabled (subject to Auditor agreement)” “integrated bespoke process systems that can change to your needs as you grow”.


IQMS provides quality and compliance consulting services for a wide range of international and private standards, work health and safety and human resources by our qualified and experienced consultants.